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On-Par Medical - Southern California's premier distributor of neurosurgical solutions

Spinal Hardware

We work with some of the best manufactures for all spinal needs.  Our portfolio includes systems for Cervical, Thoracolumbar, Lateral, Interbody cages, MIS, and Anterior Lumber surgeries.  Learn more >>


On-Par Medical works exclusively with Acumed for all neuro-surgical plating and CMF surgical needs.



Custom ClearFit cranial implants allow for post-operative cranial imaging using ultrasound. Only sold by On-Par Medical. Learn more >>

IN THE NEWS: NYU Langone Health medical breakthrough
Cutting-edge technology is allowing doctors to look inside the brain like never before. It's all happening at NYU Langone and doctors there said it's changing the lives of people at risk for strokes, catapulting the future of medicine and science into a whole new world. Watch on Fox5NY >>


Longeviti and “Active Imaging"
Dr. Langer and Dr. Nati in front of 400 people live with a patient on stage and another patient in operation during CNS from Lenox Hill, OR. 3000+ total attended.

Our sourcing team can help find what you are looking for today!
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